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 Hatch Knoll Farm and Garden Side Dairy where tradition and passion make things grow!    


BLUEBERRIES are ready!!!
Open Daily for Blueberry season (august) 10-6!! 
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Herbal Talk Series-every other Wednesday throughout summer 
Join us in the herb garden as we discuss our chosen topic, visit the gardens, saple herbs and tea. Suggested donation $5 regular class, $8 craft class. 
Salves and Tinctures
Wednesday July 6 1-3

Sunday, July 24th
Farm Tours, Tastings and more...


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OPEN Extended Blueberry Season Hours!! 
Regular hours: Tues-Sat 10-4: or by appointment
Come for our cheese, veggies, herbs, meat, lotions, gifts, soap, garlic and more!
Cheese production DAILY !
Ducks and in! We also have whole chickens and chicken parts and goat meat! All meat is raised here in our pasture pens. Now is the time to order your Christmas Goose!!

Local, seasonal eating

Garden Side Dairy @ Hatch Knoll Farm

29 Hatch Knoll (corner of 187) Jonesboro, Maine



Garden Side Dairy @ Hatch Knoll Farm

29 Hatch Knoll (corner of 187) Jonesboro



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Babies in Spring


Life is good here in Down East Maine! We have cheese, meat, herbs and  veggies for sale daily. Soaps and Lotion are great gifts! Our dairy is hard at work producing our amazing chevres, hard cheeses and bloomy delights. 



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FYI 434-2674 or email kimroos@tds.net


 We are a diversified family farm raising chickens, goats, organic berries, organic produce and more. It is a goal for our family to be able to make a decent living providing food for our family and our community. We are constantly adding to the variety of goods and diversity going on here! We value our community and sharing what we do! We will be participating in OPEN FARM DAY July as well as many more farm events.

In the spirit of sharing info and the farming world we offer classes, apprenticeships and now internships. These all provide specific learning opportunities and hope you will find an arrangement to fit your life! Please click on opportunities to learn more!

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 September 2010 Kim and Don Roos and their five children purchased their dream farm from their very good friends Deb and Peter Aldridge with the intention of expanding their goat dairy, continuing the berry and fruit spread business and doing so much more!


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